Thermatech Steam Cleaning

At Steaming Exterior Restorations, we utilise the advanced ThermaTech system to clean delicate surfaces using high temperatures but low pressure. Our system is designed to heat water to around 155ºC while maintaining a liquid spray, allowing us to clean stonework, render, woodwork, and other soft surfaces thoroughly at only 50 bar. Unlike other steam cleaners that allow water to turn into dry steam at this temperature, which is not suitable for cleaning, our ThermaTech system sets itself apart by providing a low-pressure spray of water at 155ºC. This ensures that we can safely and effectively clean even the most delicate surfaces without causing any damage. Choose Steaming Exterior Restorations for superior cleaning results that are gentle yet effective.

What can it remove?


The super heated water takes algae, moss and lichen off the surface with ease.


Using ThermaTech’s super heated water cleaning system we are able to remove oily spills from car parks, driveways and roadways effectively.


At 155ºC paint will melt away from the surface. The ThermaTech achieved far superior results over cold pressure washing and paint stripper.

Graffiti and chewing gum

Graffiti and chewing gum are removed with ease to leave your building or pavement looking good as new.

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 Decking area done for a customer, was becoming to dangerous to walk on, steam cleaned no chemicals! now back like the first day it was laid

Drive way cleaned and sanded, brought back to its glory using steam with no chemicals

Brick cleaning job today removing all the carbon stains cause by pollution in the atmosphere

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